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[10 Feb 2010|07:13pm]
i honestly don't give a shit what you people think of me. call me a bad fan, a hacker, whatever you wish. i really wish you could all grow up and get over it and stop gossiping like a bunch of old hags. i've moved on and you know what, as much as it sucks it isn't worth dwelling on AT ALL so you should do the same.

[21 Aug 2007|08:20am]
Yes, another one of these posts.  Tried to get tickets to the 9/30 Chicago show and yep, they're out.  I'm just looking for ONE.  So if you know of someone, or you yourself has one, hit me up:  justonebreath@tmail.com (yes, it's tmail).


Does anyone know how many of these tickets are actually going to early release?
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